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See, I go away on vacation and poof! We have some positive chatter.

I love the nickname MoPhoQ too Drex.

I have my last yearly upgrade before the end of the year. 9/1 actually. And I love my current Photon.

I would love to have a thinner phone though. And I actually like the screen but any improvement would be welcome. And I don't think I ever want to go back to a QWERTY keyboard phone. It would bring back too many scary flasbhacks of the incredibly crappy Epic.

I guess I'm an average customer.

However, I dream of having a phone that would completely replace any need for a laptop or desktop computer. Also I'd love it to replace any need for a cable or satellite company.

I eliminated my land line and I don't subscribe to any cable or satellite. I use my hotspot on the Photon for my desktop. I was hopeful that Wimax would be good enough to meet my needs for surfing on my desktop. It doesn't come close. I hope that LTE and Network Vision will allow me to use my phone to its full potential instead of being crippled by Sprint's current crappy network.

Ideally, I'd like my phone to provide all of my communication needs.
Happy LTEvo owner. When do I get to play music with everyone?
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