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Originally Posted by darkestred View Post
What do you guys need a quad-core for? You do realize that while a quadcore is great in most users applications you will not see a difference in what you do.

I know nothing will change your minds its just funny watching people complain about silly things like dual vs quad. I would assume the technology is much like a PC. Quadcore is only as fast as your HDD. So running 4 tasks at once on hardware that can only handle something so fast...i dont' know. Its a phone. Its going to be fast either way.

Unless you're running cold fusion, programming in c, ripping video and encoding movies in full HD...get real.
your expounding on and on on the exact WRONG reason as to the real benefits of quad core chips.

The REAL benefit is the benefits to battery power and power management by quad core chips that claim to be 20-30% more power efficient than current single or dual core chips by passing tasks off to either companions cores or spreading the work around and more efficient designs.

stop thinking about quad cores in the most basic level - speed - as though that is the only benefit. it's not even the real main benefit and your assuming to much by thinking that is why everyone who wants them wants them.
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