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Originally Posted by mrpnut View Post
u could also use it on ld lg gbiggie confirmed it works so any rom from ldrifta with the same framework
the main compatability issue with themes on a device/rom is that some roms are built differently, like CM roms, Sense roms, aosp roms.. all of these would be considered 'different' from the stock rooted/themed roms we have.. so in other words, all themes made for zvd (NOW) including a working power menu MOD "should" be compatable with every rom we NOW have for ZVD.. but when PG releases any of the CM builds, odds are these themes will absolutely NOT work lol

BUUUT if there were HUUUUGE differences in the various roms ie: if mt modified the layout of his rom in any way, the theme would NOT have that change in the framework so you will lose that feature..

a perfect example is how in MT's rom, when you pull down status bar his date and notification titles are not centered, but if you flash this theme (made from #2 as a base) you now WILL have those changes because thats how my rom is made..

so long story short, since all the 4 ZVD roms are built from same framework (stock/root rom base).. all the themes made for it (NOW) will work fine for all the roms... but depending on which rom the base was from, is how the theme will look

O and btw Good work PNuT!!

one piece of advice, change the layout of your images on OP bro.. lol put each one on it own line downward
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