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I don't understand the need to regularly discuss Verizon in a device specific forum. Doesn't much of that fit in the Verizon android carrier forum?

I understand "wheres my update" but what else fits there?

I don't care if you have Verizon, sprint general sub forums but I will fight to the death to avoid the detriment that is carrier specific root forums. What sim card or what cdma configuration the devices have has NOTHING to do with how you root or what roms you need. All that affects that is physical architecture. Sure maybe only one carrier provides cdma and that could be Verizon, there fore the cdma root section could be labelled Verizon to help identify.

I've been skulking ,around root forums for 2 years and will be skulking around them for the foreseeable future. As whatever is decided here will affect all new devices, please understand why I am so passionate about dividing the root forums as little as possible. I.don't think we need to encourage cliques where there is no separation of devices.

Troubleshooting - slight variance in topics but both architectures have more common ground than not

Accessories - are the phones the same shape?

Tips and tricks - see troubleshooting

Root - yes, maybe one sub forum per architecture as drivers, rooting methods and roms will vary.

General - I really don't care. If this is the only place you can discuss how weak the signal on the gnex is with Verizon, so be it. But how do we know its not weak on sprint too?

I.just don't get what type of device specific, carrier specific issues you guys can't find easily
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