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Originally Posted by SUroot View Post
I don't understand the need to regularly discuss Verizon in a device specific forum. Doesn't much of that fit in the Verizon android carrier forum?
The user experience, i.e. how the device works as a piece of hardware, how it performs on a network and the specific support it receives from the OEM and the carrier, is not the same from carrier to carrier.

You all do want you want to do, but the issues I am having with my Galaxy Nexus are VERIZON related more so than Google or Samsung (although I think that's debatable as well). I'm not talking about rooted devices, I'm talking about stock out of the box.

How a non-VZW CDMA device functions on it's proprietary network, especially if it is running 4.04 and not 4.02, could be significantly different than how my GN works on VZW. And at the rate we're going, it could be a while before these devices are equal in functionality...if ever.

My Spidey-Senses are hinting that there could be a Hatfields and McCoys division on this topic as the experienced/modding Android community appears to be getting a bit annoyed with some of us lesser experienced users. But I'm an old Spidey, my senses could be off.
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