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I've been sticking it out with my HERO but seeing all of the improvements in the latest round of cellphones has me seriously itching to upgrade. Regrettably, I had some life difficulties that required my phone to be 100% reliable and so I didn't want to take a chance of upgrading the ROM. Now that I'm poised to get a new phone, I think I'll finally give it a go (maybe CM 7.1). I'll probably end up kicking myself for not having done it last year.

Anyway, I checked out the Samsung GSII first hand in the store and it feels like "the one". I prefer it over the iPhone's anemic size and fragile (though artful) exterior. I was "so close" to getting the HTC Evo 3D, especially with the $99 deal, but the SGSII looks better to me. And then of course, I hear the SGS3 is just around the corner... Should I wait?
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