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Originally Posted by Sanzenbacher View Post
Can someone confirm or deny this? The file placed in the root of the memory stick should be named "", correct? And since that dl has it named something else, can I simply just rename it? Or will that mess something up? Do I need to find a different download that is named "" by default?
Alright, I went ahead and tried the default. Though it does state the file included is "", the file included is "updata,app", and that file DOES WORK. I didn't bother renaming it, since it worked as is, so I don't know if it would make a difference if you renamed it or not. But it worked fine.

Now, another question.

I flashed my phone to stock. It remained rooted. I installed a few apps, and have been using it where I find WiFi. If I were to call my cell company and try to get the phone re-activated on my plan, would they somehow delete everything? Or would that only be if I went into a US Cellular store?

My contract with them is about to end, so if they delete everything, I'll just save myself the trouble, keep my rooted phone, use it as a WiFi device.

If they can re-activate it just over the phone and don't know about what I have installed on my phone, I'll do it for the few weeks.
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