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Originally Posted by Citizen Coyote View Post
I'm definitely not sold on the idea of a qwerty keyboard. My fiancee bought the original Epic over the Evo almost solely due to the keyboard, but she stopped using it within a month. I never really saw a use for it once I got Swype, and now there are tons of excellent touchscreen keypads available. Sliding qwerty keypads only add bulk now as far as I'm concerned.

I'm also not sold on the idea of a quad-core processor in a phone. Yes, games will undoubtedly benefit in the long run, but I honestly can't say any of the non-game apps I use on a daily basis even take much advantage of my MoPho's dual core. I've also read reports (mainly in the international One X forum) of people complaining that their phone actually performs *worse* than some dual cores because it refuses to use more than one core. Poor app coding? Probably, but that knowledge isn't helpful to the affected end user.

Finally, I'll just throw out the dates of CTIA next week (May 8-10th) as a possible time period for more solid MoPhoQ leaks (or even an announcement).
Regarding sliding qwerty's, there's still a demand for it. I don't need it like I used to, but there still is a demand, so I wouldn't rule out at least an alternate option from Motorola at some point (unless the Droid form factor has an exclusivity clause with Verizon). Will the Q in MoPhoQ stand for Qwerty?...I doubt it. I also kinda doubt that it stands for Quad-core, despite the reports of Tegra 3 being estimated ready for LTE compatibility in 3Q. I just don't think there's enough time for them to test for the release model. I'm thinking more and more that the Q stands for Qualcomm.

I really don't care what kind of processor is in the phone, as long as it prevents from the phone getting laggy or bogged down after downloading hundreds of apps and using all kinds of different apps for different purposes. Aside from memory issues I had on the EVO, due to lack of space, I did happen to notice that the more apps I downloaded, the more bogged down the phone would get and the processor couldn't keep up. I've only experienced a little lag lately with the MoPho, and it's almost the 1 year mark. I also have 2X's the amount of apps than what I had on my EVO...and it still runs smoother than the EVO did w/ the apps installed.

Next couple months are going to be really entertaining trying to dig for information. I agree with the CTIA timeframe to have more leaks. If the Googlrola merger is being estimated to be finalized by end of 2Q, that puts it just in time for them to have a big announcement at Google I/O! How cool would that be, if they also integrated the "official" announcement of the MoPhoQ? Google I/O is at the end of June (27-29). They usually have a cool device to hand out at the event (like when people got the EVO 2 years ago and then last year the Nexus S). I can just picture them handing out MoPhoQ's during that event, especially because it'll be 1 month off from the 1 year anniversary of the MoPho.

Again, all of this is more speculation and assumption, but still fun.
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