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Originally Posted by spupuz View Post
Hi i founded something from google can someone confirm that? and in that case i do need ROOT?

Can i share the connection between android and my pc through USB cable?

I'd like to connect to the internet with my android using the PC  internet connection. Yes, you can. It's described on koolu's forum. Check this link [1].

If you dont have access i just copy paste the instructions below.
All credit goes to koolu and Brian Code for this info:

[1] • Login

Yes, you can use the USB to browse the web...

You need to do three things to enable the internet.

1. First make sure that network forwarding is working on the computer  that the phone is connected to. 2. Add the default route to the phone:

Code: Select all
    route add default gw dev usb0

3. Add the dns for proper name resolution

Code: Select all
    setprop net.dns1

You should be able to ping the computer the phone is connected to:

Code: Select all

You should also be able to ping IP addresses outside of that subnet if  the route has been set up properly. The route can be verified by:

Code: Select all
    cat /proc/net/route
You can tether your pc to your phones connection via usb cable ...
Search the net for app call PDANET (it is not in the market)
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