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just tryed updating gapps to the latest version (for 2.1) on the 4gb pad..crashing in gapps, vendor and probably it looks like its default gapps on this pad :/

ill definatly be installing froyo on the 2GB pad just so i can get access to the proper "Play" and not the "market"...the version that comes with the pendos wont show alot of apps now google has tightened the system...(wont even show apps ive previously purchaced)..ill then be able to transfer the apks to the 4gb pad

so as i said before...these pads are pure shit...theres no source code for this chipset so new roms/os's are very limited...they aint worth the time fiddling with other roms....ive wasted a good 4 days straight and one 'all nighter', ive learnt alot about the system and found how to tweak it, but im basically back to where i was before i started flashing other roms as all the others have some sort of issue..

when i can be bothered...ill will put a copy of Froyo from Archos7 on the 2gb pad and get it setup for the pendo (eg pendo branding and correct naming) and post the boot.img and system.img here for those who want the new market...but the USB wireless dongle WONT work..(i will not post an update.img that also includes the bootloader, kernel.img, recovery.img and misc.img as these seem to be very device dependant)
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