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Originally Posted by zamkat View Post
I used unrevoked3, following this guide:

Updated: Root the HTC Droid Incredible - Technology -

for my Incredible, and I wasn't sure what to do, because the instructions don't say what to do after running Unrevoked. It just says to wait, but if I wait, my phone just sits there in the bootloader menu, asking if I want to "start the update". So I said, yes, figuring that must be the recovery, and it wiped all my data (even though people said Unrevoked doesn't wipe your data), and didn't root, and after I told it to reboot, Unrevoked is still just sitting there still "waiting for bootloader." It never said "Done" or anything like that. So, that was awesome. So, now I just tried it with this guide, and it sat there again, asking if I wanted to start the update, so I said yes, again. And it wiped my data, again. I guess I don't understand what I'm doing, or I'm following the instructions wrong. In the future, it would be nice to be able to root my phone without wiping everything.

Does anyone know of a guide that clearly explains how to do this? Or can someone just tell me what the hell I'm doing wrong? This is extremely frustrating, and I'm about to scrap the whole thing and just say, 'well, I guess I never have a rooted phone', because it's apparently impossible for someone like me.
I'm confused...

Didn't we get you to s-off in this thread?

Why are you messing with unrevoked? All you need to do is follow the directions in the sticky to "regain root with s-off"

Or has something happened?
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