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Minor upgrade? What more could they possibly have done?

Hardware upgrades: -
  • Quad core processor (double the performance of the sgs2 with 30% less power used up)
  • 65% improved graphics over sgs2
  • Larger hd screen with improved power efficiency
  • Brand new camera and flash
  • Much larger battery
  • Vastly improved storage capacity
  • Wifi performance is twice as good
  • NFC chip
  • Wireless charging - an industry first

Software upgrades: -
  • S-beam - capable of transmitting data at 300mbps, can send a photo gallery in about a second. Revolutionary feature.
  • S-voice - what vlingo should have been.
  • Eye tracking + other intuitive gestures.
  • Has ics out of the box, will most likely get jelly bean
  • Vastly improved camera software with burst mode, zero shutter lag, best photo selection and more.
  • Automatically recognises your friends in pictures and tags them in all future pictures.
  • Better in call quality and volume.
  • More codec support.
  • Popout video.

And some software features Samsung didn't announce: -
  • Improved lock screen (you can create shortcuts to apps like you can on htc phones)
  • More toggles in the notification bar.

The ceramic casing you wish for wouldn't work with the wireless charging. I for one am pleased that Samsung is creating useful features rather than trying to make the device look pretty. I look at the screen, not the design of the phone.

What did you expect exactly cause it looks like a big upgrade to me?
iPhone 5 (iOS 6.0.1), iPad 2 (iOS 6.0.1), Nexus 7 (Android 4.2 Jelly Bean)
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