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Originally Posted by pearlbrian View Post
Fair observation. The problem is since the phone will almost certainly have the same processor as the One X in the US, and it appears it has a less impressive display, that now the One X has a huge advantage already being out. In fact, i ordered mine today after waiting 6 months for the SGS 3
I would also assume that the battle between HOX and GS3 would be a battle of personal preference over the details.

I, personally, value a SD card slot, removable battery, and an unlockable bootloader. The HOX does not have any of those, save the bootloader. And even that is only a partial unlock, but I hear that the dev community for it is getting close to full S-OFF. So I would consider that point awash between the models. Plus I have no clue if my carrier variant, the HTC Evo 4G LTE, would be able to use the same S-OFF exploit as the HOX. But the bootloader is a dealbreaker for me if it is only allowed the 'HTC dev' unlock.

I would have to wait until the end of June to upgrade, anyhow. So I don't mind waiting to see what the US variant ends up being, or even the Sprint specific one. Maybe the SAMOLED+ ends up on a carrier variant. /shrug I don't know. I have to wait, anyhow, so I've just been watching. I'm fairly certain that I will get a GS3, should nothing else prove to be better by the time I get it.
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