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Originally Posted by Ibrick View Post
I would agree with that. I certainly would rather have LTE and dual core vs, 3g and quad core.

Not to mention, once the A15's start showing up, there's really no point in quad core. Asynchronous A15 dual's at 2.0-2.5ghz would be insanely powerful for a phone. We're getting into laptop territory.

Just speculation, but I almost wonder if once the A15's are standard for flagship devices if we'll ever see a quad core phone again. At that point it's more about efficiency and battery life.
Your post reminded me about this: Ubuntu for Android | Ubuntu

Dual A15s in an Android device that has a dock that supports keyboard/mouse inputs would certainly make a laptop look less appealing. Add to the fact that Ubuntu has some really impressive office apps, it could start taking market share away from Microsoft. Not a lot, but a noticeable bit. Win Mo phones are just so far behind with hardware that I don't think Microsoft could do anything similar in the same timeframe.

And I'm sure that they'll make quad A15s. I think Samsung has already made, or getting close to, just that. At that point, I would wonder why they did it, as it'd just be insane...but simultaneously I would want it in some unholy geek-need for it.
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