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Originally Posted by matttye View Post
Minor upgrade? What more could they possibly have done?

Hardware upgrades: -
  • Quad core processor (double the performance of the sgs2 with 30% less power used up)
  • 65% improved graphics over sgs2
  • Larger hd screen with improved power efficiency
  • Brand new camera and flash
  • Much larger battery
  • Vastly improved storage capacity
  • Wifi performance is twice as good
  • NFC chip
  • Wireless charging - an industry first

Software upgrades: -
  • S-beam - capable of transmitting data at 300mbps, can send a photo gallery in about a second. Revolutionary feature.
  • S-voice - what vlingo should have been.
  • Eye tracking + other intuitive gestures.
  • Has ics out of the box, will most likely get jelly bean
  • Vastly improved camera software with burst mode, zero shutter lag, best photo selection and more.
  • Automatically recognises your friends in pictures and tags them in all future pictures.
  • Better in call quality and volume.
  • More codec support.
  • Popout video.

And some software features Samsung didn't announce: -
  • Improved lock screen (you can create shortcuts to apps like you can on htc phones)
  • More toggles in the notification bar.

The ceramic casing you wish for wouldn't work with the wireless charging. I for one am pleased that Samsung is creating useful features rather than trying to make the device look pretty. I look at the screen, not the design of the phone.

What did you expect exactly cause it looks like a big upgrade to me?
So like I said what is improved other than a better screen?

I have a 3800mAh battery
8MP camera
I use less than 1/4 of my memory on my SII thanks to google music and drive
The screen isn't that much bigger and there is still inefficiency due to hardware buttons on the SIII
NFC still isn't important due to Wallet blocked by carriers
I already have ICS

Anything I missed??

Like I said not much of an improvement over the SII
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