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Originally Posted by jerofld View Post
Your post reminded me about this: Ubuntu for Android | Ubuntu

Dual A15s in an Android device that has a dock that supports keyboard/mouse inputs would certainly make a laptop look less appealing. Add to the fact that Ubuntu has some really impressive office apps, it could start taking market share away from Microsoft. Not a lot, but a noticeable bit. Win Mo phones are just so far behind with hardware that I don't think Microsoft could do anything similar in the same timeframe.

And I'm sure that they'll make quad A15s. I think Samsung has already made, or getting close to, just that. At that point, I would wonder why they did it, as it'd just be insane...but simultaneously I would want it in some unholy geek-need for it.
The Qualcomm quad core APQ8064 is made for smart TV's more than anything else, so I'd think that the A15 quad's would find their way into tablets, maybe, and only after 3D gaming starts pushing Xbox and PS3 levels, but primarily the smart TV market.

I can't even max out my Transformer Prime's Tegra 3, so an A15 version, clocked even higher, in a lower demand device like a phone would be so much ridiculous overkill it's hard to even make a case for it. Hard to say no to purchasing it though I admit..

As gaming progresses, I see definitely see quad A15 tablets, but in a phone, not so much. JMO, but I think the quad core phone trend is going to be a short one.

As for the S3, I'm still unsure on it. I like it, but I swore my next phone would be something I love. Since VZW got rid of the 1yr contracts, I really want an A15 in my next phone. My TBolt can hold out a bit longer I spose.

Maybe something with an Exynos 5250 or TI OMAP5? New CPU architecture only comes around every few years and I think the A9's are on their last legs.
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