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Originally Posted by brian1984 View Post
Im satarting to think that all the ppl that had problems with the tablet in ICS was becouse you had apps that were messing with the OS...anyway Im still very unsure what I gonna do.. I think I ll get it tomorrow..
we ll see.
It's hard to argue with folks who suggest that you update to ICS, but you should remember that they have had time to prove in their hardware on honeycomb first. You should give yourself the same opportunity that we have had. Again, I agree with Ben (excav8tor) and others that there are some improvements in ICS, but again not that significant overall relative to Honeycomb to justify the risk for a new tablet. E.g., seeing a bug and not knowing if it is hardware (warranty replace) or ICS (wait for fix). I also agree (and have written elsewhere) that you tend to hear mostly complaints on the internet, and less praise.

Keep in mind though that even paranoids have real enemies, and complainers sometimes find real bugs. There _are_ some problems... at least one big one that I have observed anyway, and it is very significant if you encounter it. You should read this post if you still have doubts about waiting a little while at this point:
Possible Relief for Several A500 ICS Related Symptoms/Problems

There is no list available of the apps that trigger this ICS bug, so the level of stability you will see with this first release of ICS on the a500 is essentially a gamble which can be either greater or less based on your taste in apps, your behavior, and even your luck.

Folks like Ben and I who are having fewer problems have apparently been more selective in our choices than some (partly due to luck), and may not run as many apps as do others, some of which are apparently ready to send in their tablets for repair because of this.

Relax, be patient, try everything on your tablet to first verify your hardware is good on Honeycomb. You will not be disappointed. You can then sit back and watch the ICS fireworks over the next few weeks, and enjoy one of the best tablets on the market while doing so. You can always change your mind and get ICS at any time. It is comparably difficult and riskier to roll back to Honeycomb if you later decide you would rather wait.

You have nothing to lose by staying on Honeycomb for a few days or weeks while you assess your new tablet. If you're like me, you will neglect your poor old notebook PC and want to use the tablet for everything you can. It is so convenient.
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