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Originally Posted by funpig View Post
The 2.1 Pimlical came out one week too late for me. I bought Calengoo last week when the beta version expired and I don't want to mess around with my calendars anymore.

Just for comparison sake, $6 for calengoo or $5 for pimlical/A is very reasonable. I think I paid about $15 for Datebk5 10 years ago and Datebk6 is still selling for $27 now.

The only thing I would note is that I am glad I had a chance to fully test out Calengoo beta before buying. Currently, you cannot test out Calengoo or Pimlical before buying it. I have suggested to the Calengoo developer to come up with some limited version (eg allow full features but blank out certain days of the week) to give new users a chance to try before buy. Datebk used to allow a 30 day free trial before you had to buy.
Is this still true? New Android user from the Palm world here and I'm trying to decide on a calendar app. I loved my DtBk. I think I have it narrowed down to Pimlical or Calengoo but I need to know if there is any option for a trial version of Calengoo to see if it works for me. I am more than happy to pay--just not until I know it does what I need. I'm not so concerned about testing out Pimlical because I used DtBk for years.
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