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Originally Posted by Sandroidfan View Post
Do you have HD screen and zero shutter lag camera on GSII?

And even S4/LTE will easily beat dual Exynos 4210 in GSII.
Are you sure that an S4/LTE @ 720p resolution will beat a Exynos 4210 @ 800x480?

I saw a youtube video between the One X (tegra 3), SGSII (exynos 4210) and Note (exynos 4212) and the SGSII consistently beat the other two in graphics benchmarks (not sure the exact ones and though the S4 was not part of the tests, the tegra 3 is close enough to guess at the relative S4 performance). The reviewer said that it's because the other two had to push more pixels @720p, which makes sense.

I'm curious as to how the SGS III S4/LTE (seems to be US version since we won't see Exynos 4412) will perform against SGSII, graphics-wise, since if you were to get the S4/LTE (I have sprint so it's either Evo LTE or SGSIII), it may not be "future-proof" for two years in terms of graphics for games until the S4 "Pro" (when I had "old" EVO 4G w/ Adreno 200 was only 6 months old I couldn't even play Nova 2 since it was so choppy and the game came out end of 2010!)

Bottom-line, if I upgrade now, I get a less "future-proof" phone or "incremental" (step back for the display technology "pentile" btw) for 2 years vs if I upgrade within 2-4 months (phone with S4/LTE "PRO" with Adreno 320 GPU) I can get a much more "future-proof" phone that could be the next "generation" upgrade.

So the SGSII will "definitely" hold me over (with its "superior" graphics performance @ 800x480 vs any of the current "720p") until the Krait "PRO" becomes available this summer/early fall (Sony Xperia?, Note2?) or until Samsung introduces Exynos 5250 (don't think I can wait that long for it to happen). OR OVER TO THE DARK SIDE the iphone 5 (maybe if there is a revolutionary design 4"+ with 1080p and A6 GPU)

Also I'd like to hear any thoughts on display superiorty of IPS-LCD (One X) vs Super AMOLED (Nexus, SGSIII, Note).

DILEMMA! What do you think?
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