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Originally Posted by evpdiscount View Post
I write both the EVP Blog & compose many of the emails sent to our clients. Therefore, the subject and context of each will likely be similar. In response to the comment regarding misinformed reps, we base our information on details the carrier communicates to us internally. We strive to provide our clients the most accurate information possible. The original HTC EVO 4G launched on a Friday, and some users were expecting delivery on Saturday. However, as some know, UPS does not typically deliver on the weekend. Hence the confusion. Pre-orders for the HTC EVO 4G LTE begin on Monday, 5/7/2012, however Sprint has not announced a ship date. When this information is obtained, we will certainly let our pre-order clients know.
Then you must be Brian from that blog?

Anyway, welcome to the forums!

The email linked to at XDA clearly said May availability. Not preoder, but availability.

But your post here suggests that that's not known yet. Is this correct?
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