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I originally had the EVO 4g and when Sprint secretly took away 1 year full upgrades I hadto fight for mine and i got it with 1 year left on my original contract well they made me sign a new 2years totalling 3years for the EVO 3d on day 1 and now the lack of ICS, and Wimax being phased out finally for LTE I'm dying for the new LTE EVO 4g but I'm not even eligible for an upgrade 1year half price until April 2013 any ideas on how to ease the price of the EVO 4g LTE off contract? Or get it sooner than April 2013 cause by then who knows what phones will be out but I don't wanna be stuck with a forgotten about EVO 3d help pleaseee!!!!! I can't afford to pay full price off contract for the new EVO 4g LTE il sell my EVO 3d but Idk what store would benefit me the most to sell to and what stores are buying them and will allow me to upgrade? Sprint-best buy-radio shack any ideas!?!?
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