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Originally Posted by wubbzy View Post
Thanks @jonbonazza for inviting me in, was in back of my mind after your post on the same subject, wasn't sure how to get it started.

tips vs experienced under dev would be worth a try. To broadly classify what I've seen as questions in dev forum:

- Infrastructure (Eclipse, network, data etc.)
- Code related (tips/101, have you tried..., how to, code not working etc.)
- Promotion/marketing/statistics (cross promotion, google play related, analytics, downloads, pay-per-click etc.)
- Jobs (hire me, wanted etc.)
I like this, but Promotional would become a spam haven. And hard for us mods to spot spam from legit users as all the topics would be "on topic"

We do have a jobs section, perhaps we can have it moved under "development" (both ROM and App)

Another humble approach may be to separate dev from app forum altogether. App forum can have bunch of things in it like review, promotions etc.
This is already the case, we have dev, review, announcement, and regular/general application discussion forums. But they are under very different categories

Another factor is font-sizing, maybe its VB theme, but bold blue forum text overpowers fine-print description text and in my previous existence as message board admin people do not read it, they tend to gravitate toward popular (by number postings/activity) or forums that they're familiar with (in case of new member read 'looks familiar').
I think this is best moved to a separate suggestion

Observation from a user's PoV: a user would like maximum attention to his topic, thats just physiological (did I spell it right?). Hence the tendency that you guys are noticing as guides and mods, people posting where they're most comfortable @ and forum that they think they can get best answers in.

Not sure if I was helpful...I certain we can evolve simple scheme (may not pleasing everyone), but certainly a good crowd. Though with any change there is a downside - loss of traffic/user base, which should be kept in mind.
Psychological = mind, Physiological = body

But yeah you have some excellent ideas there. For tags/prefixes especially. Maybe we can see what's possible with tags and prefixes as a step 2 to this project.



How about we narrow the focus on organization for now, and have tagging/prefixing come next?

Personally I still think dev 101 should be merged. I know a lot of devs often will say they dont want to see the basic questions all mixed up with the advanced ones, except that's when the magic happens.

(I know that sounds cheesy but bare with me)

When devs come to the forum, MOST of them will be somewhere between total beginner, and super experienced rockstar. Most will just be middle of the road devs with some knowledge, but not all-knowing.

So when a dev comes to ASK a question, if they see a thread they can easily ANSWER, it gives them a good feeling and they are more likely to stay and help.

To me, mixing ability levels has always been a boon to fostering learning and participation. I find this far more helpful than removing some clutter.

(incidentally, it's my hope via tagging and prefixing the clutter can be managed by each user as they see fit)

But I'm curious to hear others thoughts as well.
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