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Originally Posted by shark974 View Post
So on this forum (let alone youtube comments and the whole web) everybody has been complaining how it looks, I make a topic about it and suddenly everybody likes it? You guys are cute.
I'm with you. I think it is certainly an unpleasing design. I currently own an iPhone 3GS, so it's not that I hate curves. In fact, I don't like the design of the iPhone 4 because I find it uncomfortable to hold around the 90 degree edges. Maybe it's just all the BS they spun about being "derived from nature." I'm an architecture student and whenever anyone says their design was influenced by nature, it normally just means their project is in the shape of a leaf and Samsung did no better with a phone shaped like a pebble. That's not a design motif, that's just a false mimicry for marketing's sake.

I can understand them not wanting to get sued, but I was really excited when I saw this fake leak below because I personally think this would have been a great looking phone that evolved their design decisions. I like the look of the One X so maybe I am just a fan of two-tone phones whereas the S3 is just a slab of cheap looking plastic, but who knows. It won't keep me from buying the phone though, since my iPhone is deteriorating and won't let me dial out 50% of the time, and this will be the best spec'd phone out at release.

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