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Hey let me answer your problem as straight-to-the-point as possible

Apps, settings and data backups
Q1) Yes your right that HTC Dev is the least acceptable, i've had to help people solve a problem where they are stuck at the HTC white screen and their device wont boot (one of my own suggestions did solve the problem though).

Q2) To the best of my knowledge it doesnt wipe your data (my suggestion that i stated before involved using unrEVOked, the person who had the problem reported that his device had all of his data after it booted)
People who have said 'yes i wipes data' probably didnt take into account the use of an RUU prior to using unrEVOked,

Stock NAND Backup
UnrEVOked doesnt install ROM manager, it just roots your device, ROM manager would be in your device if your installed ROM has it. Also Revolutionary just allows you to obtain s-off, gain temp root and automatically install Clockwork Recovery

Q1) When i was rooted, i used z4root to gain 'temporary root' but i didnt notice any change, i highly do not recommend it, there may be other tools but not many since Wildfire lack great support. (To be honest is your data really that valuable that you would spend so much time on? I just backed up my apps, contacts, text messages, entire sd card, after rooting i restored them and didnt miss anything else at all.)

Q2) Yes there are many ways, what makes your device feature ROM manager is your ROM of choice, when i rooted (running an RUU prior to unrEVOked), and my Wildfire booted, it didnt have ROM manager, (the RUU was a stock Eclair ROM)

Recovery Mode
Yes, when you enter Clockwork recovery you will see this:

Clearly at the top you will see reboot system now
If you use Revolutionary you will install Clockwork Recovery v2.5.0.1

Unrooting (Optional)
I personally havent tried it, but from what ive read, you need to run a certain RUU, (one RUU will stop you from re-rooting forever apparently)
But there are links all over the internet which provide you with processes on how to, like for this one for exaple

I hope ive answered your questions and helped to some extent
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