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Originally Posted by gary712 View Post
The problem appears complicated so I'm not sure if this is a work around, but here is an observation. I installed AutoRotate Switch and my a500 started to auto rotate again.
Thanks so much for the information. I agree that this is complicated. There are numerous reports of similar symptoms, and there may be multiple causes. It is difficult to sort out whether problems are caused by certain apps, user behavior in some cases, and/or the apparent ICS bug I wrote about in this tip.

Your problem appears to have a different cause than what I described in this tip, because the Autorotate Switch app from Market does not clear the rolling error condition -- i.e., 20 sensor errors per second accompanied by numerous system wide performance related problems. It does mitigate the error condition when used to lock the screen orientation though, just as the a500 screen orientation lock switch does. The Autorotate Switch app appears to merely lock and unlock automatic screen rotation just like the Iconia a500 switch near the volume control. It locks/unlocks auto rotation regardless of the a500 physical switch position, so if you were having a problem with auto rotation, where it was stuck in portrait or landscape mode, and the app fixed it, then I'm wondering if there was/is some problem with the switch on your unit. You may want to test that switch if you have not done so recently. Alternately, you may have yet another app that is changing the global settings for the screen rotation lock, and this one somehow overrides that one ...or something like that. I tested the Autorotate Switch app on my a500 while the accelerometer sensor error condition had been triggered. It did not clear the condition, nor restore normal sensor operation as required for automatic screen orientation. Only the hardware reset (pinhole) appears to clear that. It did pause and resume the flow of errors though, just like the physical switch on the unit does.
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