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Default Ban the Band You Canít Stand

Iím not talking about the act/group/band that you can barely tolerate if thereís nothing else to listen to.

Iím talking about the act that:

1. Causes an involuntary gag reflex.

2. Sounds like a gunny sack holding a cat fighting with a raccoon.

3. Reminds you of Margaret Hamiltonís fingernails being dragged across the blackboard.

4. If this band came on the radio, you would instantly and randomly hit ANY button to change the channel, even if it meant you might end up listening to Miley Cyrus or Rush Limbaugh.

5. If you were in a coma on life support and this band started playing, you would come back to life, tear out the IVís just long enough to change the channel.

So this is serious. Who makes your ears bleed?

Iíll start with

Maroon 5
Fleetwood Mac
Rihanna (see no. 2)

Go at it!
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