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Originally Posted by WifiMaxed View Post
I will be pre-ordering from Sprint for that very possibility of being able to get it couple days early. Plus, just do it on Sprint site and Sprint charges you later. That is just me though.
Originally Posted by crow11ad View Post
You might want to check on the whole charging you later. They quit doing that.
Originally Posted by Sauske View Post
I could be wrong, but I think your talking about billing your Sprint account! Your right they stop[ped] doing that! When you pre-order the phone for $50 on May 7th, they will bill you the remaining amount when they ship out the phone to you!
Yeah, they did quit the direct account billing I remember reading a while back.

If the Pre-Sale follows the same pattern as the Galaxy Nexus last month, as far as I have found if you order on, you will be paying for the handset up front (they bill you and you must pay on the spot) and then they ship it out ASAP when it is available. There will be no $50 deposit required for pre-sales and you will not be billed later. Also, in case anyone else wonders, you can pre-order on without an eligible upgrade and pay full retail price for the handset on the spot.

(The process is always subject to change)

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