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Originally Posted by AndroiDad75 View Post
Got any suggestions for how to set LeanTweaks? Or do you just install it and take whatever it does stock?

I thought about installing it, but haven't had the chance to research how to set up and not sure I am going to have much time in the next couple of weeks.

I know I am not dreadnatty, but I would love some help!!!! Thanks!!!!
When you install the latest version of LeanTweaks only zram tweak is active. So I first open terminal and type su. Then lt. Then choose 9. This enables swap and zram. Then I enable SD card speed up and file system speedup. Then I enable wifi tweak and aggressive min free tweak. Then I go to CPU settings and change my min scale slot to 230 (available only in experimental builds) and Max to 1350 (also exps only). Then change gov to interactivex and scheduler to SIO. Then I hit the main menu for a backup of all settings, then reboot. If you need more info or further detail, hit me up on PM.

I regularly get 4+ hrs screen on time with stock battery and 5+ hrs screen on time with ext battery.


Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
Hey, we're all here to help each other, no worries. I've been too engrossed in the forums and work to actually do much with my Nexus lately anyway.

Hope the stuff above is helpful.

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
I know who you are. Haven't seen you around much.

I think I know you?

Me too, I flashed back to stock and I don't even remember why. I spend more time in AF and I just check out my phone to verify where settings are for other AF users. Not that I mind, but I am still waiting for that elusive "Update Available" message on my phone.
Why you do that? ROMS are so much better!
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