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Originally Posted by Soundteq View Post
I was always wondering what the hell was with Golden Sun 2. I tried well over 10 different roms.. I desperately wanted that game on my phone haha
I'm assuming you mean the issues with the sound. It's a problem that happens in both Gameboid and VGBA. Yonghz did actually fix it in one version of Gameboid, but retracted the fix because it apparently broke some of the Pokemon games or something like that.

The version of Gameboid that seems to play Golden Sun The Lost Age properly is version 2.4.2. It contained the sound fix for the sequel, all other versions are bugged. I don't know how stable the game is, i only played the game for a few minutes.

Robert Broglia joined XDA the other day and mentioned in a thread on his Genesis emulator (talking about adding Sega CD support) that one of his next projects was going to be a GBA emulator for Androids. He created some of the best emulators such as SNES9x EX, MD.emu, PCE.emu, etc. Hopefully the project steps up GBA compatibility. Both Gameboid and VGBA are far from perfect (though at least VGBA is still being constantly updated).
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