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Morning Everyone!!! Happy Monday!!!

I have been busy this weekend, so haven't gone on AF much, lol

Saw the Avengers in 3D and loved it!!! Some of the action scenes were a bit blurry so I wasn't impressed with that. Love all of the fighting. My favourite scenes were when Hulk simply randomly punch people (some of the Avengers) to the moon when they least expected it. I swear there was going to be a kiss scene between the Black Widow and the Archer (don't know his name).

I saw the full super moon Saturday night. It was very big and very bright. My eyes felt it was looking at the beam of a flash light.

Originally Posted by chrlswltrs View Post
So who here is a Fringe fan?

I finally got around to watching the new episode from Friday. It is great how everyone on the show uses Android phones. It was particularly nice that the show started this week with someone using a Sprint Galaxy Nexus and Google Wallet to purchase a cup of coffee. They even made a point of showing someone else picking up the phone after he died to show that a PIN was needed to make a purchase using Google Wallet.
I love Fringe and the Android references they make in the episodes. I haven't watched when season 3 was moved from Thursday to Friday. I HATE Friday tv showing. It's the 'killer' time

Originally Posted by BabyBlues View Post
Not a Fringe fan - sorry.
Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Lost Girl and Smash are my favorites right now. Sons of Anarchy when it returns will be added.
+1 Once Upon a Time. I'm a big sucker for fairy tales. I can't wait for Snow White and the Huntsmen to come out this summer!!!

Grimm was ok...acting was not that great for most of the characters. I tried to watch Smash but the plot was kind of predictable *coughs* boring.

Originally Posted by svt_gEEk View Post
Tried to get my wife to get a Nexus so we could beam but she didn't, so we don't.
Originally Posted by svt_gEEk View Post
Decided it was time to give back to a community I had learned and gained so much from.
Great going Svt!! Welcome to the club of Gold!!

Originally Posted by BabyBlues View Post

There are very few things that could get me up at 5 and stay up.
I woke up at 5am yesterday. I couldn't go back to sleep, so just lied in bed for 3 hours

Originally Posted by ryancmatchett View Post
So this afternoon I am having a tooth extracted and a bone graft to fill it up....woo hoo. Hope the drugs are enough to help my anxiety and the pain levels.
Tooth extraction isn't that bad...though Bone Graft never sounds appealing

Originally Posted by svt_gEEk View Post
5? I live in central time zone, that was 4AM I get up at 5AM every day of the work week. Today I had to get up at 4 because the wife had to be up at 4 to get to school early for a field trip.
I feel bad for you and your kind :P

Originally Posted by jmartino5920 View Post
Morning y'all. Been up since 330a PST. Crazy Coffee Company opens at 430a M-F! Not a morning person but I do it three times a week! Sorry BEEBS for your morning grumpies, as I like to call it!

You're even worst than SVT...what time do you go to sleep? 7pm?

Originally Posted by Stigy View Post
Gooooooood morning everyone - actually not tired this Monday morning, which is strange for me. Had a very fun and successful weekend so maybe my good mood helps.

Made Blue Moon and Corona cupcakes with the girlfriend for a Cinco De Mayo party and they were delicious. Got a hint of beer in each cupcake, but a nice taste of orange (blue moon) or lime (corona) in the cupcakes. Definitely one of my favorites that we have made.

Now you just made me hungry!!!
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