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Originally Posted by ryancmatchett View Post
Funny you should ask that...i did too. Apparently when you pull a molar, and plan to replace it with an implant, some doctors will speed up the bone healing process (basically the holes where the roots were in the jawbone heal from the bottom up...) so they use a bone graft to fill in some of the space, and help speed up and bulk up the bone healing. Then in 3 months I go back, and they will screw in a titanium screw, and affix an implant tooth to the screw....
Now here is the learning part I did not know: sometimes they can use your own bone, scrapped off another part of your own jaw during the extraction, which is the best way (although quite painful) OR they use another cadaver or pig.....apparently I have good because my insurance covers everything, including the implant, except for the bone graft....of course...but thats only about $300...
A coworker is having the same procedures done, on the same tooth, the same day, but with a different doctor and hers is costing her about $5500..(ouch)
Fascinating. Mine was a molar, the very back one, but I don't have anything in its place. Not sure I would have been willing to go through that much pain. I was a big enough pansy getting the tooth pulled to begin with. The only reason I had the tooth pulled was because I had a quack dentist that replaced a filling - which I was not having problems with - and didn't realize my tooth beneath it was cracked. So when he put the filling over it, every time I bit down on something, it spread the crack apart, and it was excruciating. Thanks to that fiasco, I'm an even bigger sissy about the dentist now than I was before.
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