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Default Enable GSM capability on any carrier

Yes, make it a world phone.
Install the Moto Drivers and RadioComm on your PC from Admin mode.

1. Ensure USB is connected as PC Tools mode (not Mass Storage)
2. In Radiocomm go to MA->CDMA1X->QSC60x5
3. After it comes up, switch to FTM Common1 tab and wait for the phone to enumerate purple.
4. On the upper right side in the NVAccess, scroll to NV item 1877 NV_RF_BC_CONFIG_I
5. Read the value from the device
6. Replace the first 8 bytes (16 digits) with: 8703E80400000200
7. Write the data to the device and powercycle.
This will enable GSM/UMTS bands. You will need to reenter Google passwords. If you need to bypass the activation screen push the four corners of the activation screen clockwise from upper left and wait for it to error out.
8. Dial *#*#info#*#* or download the Phone Info app from market
9. Select Phone information
10 Change the preferred network type to WCDMA
11 Exit and wait for signal

You can now freely switch between the VZW 4G sim and another sim by powering down, changing sim cards and doing steps 8-11 appropriately for the sim you inserted. As yet untested is what MS Exchange does when you swap telephone numbers. Some profiles do a phone wipe so be careful.

If you have problems and want to go back to stock: to disable GSM/UMTS, perform the same 7 steps, but replace the 8-byte data with: 0700000000000000 and change the network type to GSM/CDMA auto prl

Does not play very nice on ICS but works on 902/904. Sim cards that are locked to a specific phone won't work but pay as you go type cards should work. Confirmed on many foreign/international cards, Straight Talk and some T mobile cards. T mobile's 3G/4G bands are not on a compatible band with the Qualcomm/Vzw Gobi chip so only 2G Edge is available on USA T-mobile. If you are rooted you can flash a NVM file from Bionicbootstrap instead of steps 1-7.
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