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Originally Posted by Bnice View Post
Well I do hope for Mr Hesse to turn Sprint around but let's be honest. Since 2007 he took over the job and it has been a struggle. Investors are starting to have doubts and so the pressure is starting to mount. I've been a long time Sprint customer but if LTE is not up to par and they get rid of unlimited data plan, I will look at other options.
Originally Posted by NYCHitman1 View Post
Do you remember what Sprint was like pre-Hesse? Lmfao, it wasn't a great place to be. He has done everything in his power to make things better, which I 110% believe he has.
Originally Posted by Bnice View Post
To be honest I don't know how Sprint was before Hesse. I never had to deal with them because my girlfriend at the time work there. I also had a flip phone and never really pay attention to phones till I got the Samsung Instinct. I just remembered how they had trouble with Nextel because she would complain how they had issues. But I'm all in for Sprint to turn it around and hoping for the best.
I was with Sprint years before Hesse took over. It was an absolute nightmare. If there's someone to thank, for Sprint having more "feature" phones nowadays than it ever had in the past, it's Dan Hesse. The guy turned a company that was basically on the verge of going under, to a company that really started to compete a little more than it had in the past.

It was always seen as an "uphill" battle, ever since Hesse took over as CEO. Some even criticized him heavily for leaving ATT to go to Sprint, just because analysts felt that it was going to be a "losing" cause. I have no doubt that Sprint would've been bought out or completely vanished if it weren't for that guy. He's a "forward thinking" type of guy. And you better believe, if the investors decide to can him at some point, they're going to bring in someone that'll drive up prices like crazy, just to make those investors happy and feel like they're making a profit. That's the last thing any of us want.
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