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Originally Posted by cyberwhip View Post
is there a possibility that you could include a notifications disable, like a run silently? it is very annoying the constant messages in the notification bar, also if someone steal my phone I don't want them to know the application is running. Anytime the app is paused, signal loss, phone start up or forwarding of texts, there is notification in the bar, those should have option to disable.

also, would be very nice to include a change sim notification with the new sim phone number. If someone steals the phone and changes the sim, we can still locate the phone.
I think there is a group of PhoneLeash users who would like to know as much as possible about the app, especially problems in forwarding. Right now, the app is obviously biased towards their needs. The other group wants the app to be silent (some for not the best of reasons). One thing I can tell you is that PhoneLeash is not a "stop thief" app at all. A thief can simply uninstall the whole app in seconds. But I can understand your point about annoyance -- hopefully its minor and they clear on their own anyway.

Originally Posted by cyberwhip View Post
im having slight problem getting the "locate" function to operate. maybe I'm doing it wrong. i send "locate 1234567890 password" I got it to work fine for awhile now it seems to have stopped. I tried it on two different phones, I think it has something to do with the GPS not locking but i thought it would use the 3g tower info.
With the latest version, the format for most commands is
@<destination number or email> <command>

So @2223334444 locate OR locate should work fine

Simply sending "locate" from your forwarding destination will also work.

Yes, in the absence of GPS it will try to use the "network" locationing option, provided its not turned off.

Originally Posted by cyberwhip View Post
one last complaint, sorry so much complaining, the website really needs work. It doesn't explain hardly any of the features or where to go for help. It is really a pretty good app so far. Would be cool if it was totally configurable remotely. nice work

Yes, the website needs a complete redo! Now that I know what to document, I am starting to do just that! And your "complaints" are welcome, thanks for caring, sorry about the long silence.

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