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Originally Posted by JaeWeb View Post
I haven't had a BBerry in some years but i did go to T-Mobile today and the screen on the Blaze looks beautiful and crisp to me!
Thanks for doing so and reporting back. I did the same and found the screen resolution to be completely satisfactory.

So I watched eBay for a while and bought a used one, which I should have tomorrow or Friday. Then I'll be able to give more information about it.

I'll need to give some thought to the whole rooting question. It's my understanding that this phone comes with a huge amount of T-Mobile junk, and I'm the sort of person who likes to get rid of stuff like that. I always shrink the OS on my BBs. But I'm relatively new to Android, having only had Android phones for a few weeks total, so I don't know what can and can't be safely deleted, or whether the risk of breaking the phone is worth it.

I hope there's at least some way to hide the junk. On my BB I created a folder called "Junk" for the stuff I can't delete and then make that folder invisible. Maybe I can do something similar on the Blaze...
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