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Model Number: Droid
Firmware Version: 2.0.1
Baseband Version: C_01.3E.01P
Kernel Version: 2.6.29-omap1-g0dd7e0b android-build@apa26 #511
Build Number: ESD56
Carrier: Verizon
Country: US

Over the past week or so I started having an annoying problem with the touch keyboard (not the physical). When I click on a letter, it often thinks I pressed it numerous times (ex: I'll press 'w' and it'll input 'wwww' and it happens a lot with the space key as well). It's really annoying and makes it almost unusable.

This problem happens with stock (default) keyboard but I do have Swype installed but I turned that off to see if it made a difference and it has not. I can't think of when, exactly, this problem started but I don't believe it was when I installed Swype.

If anyone can think of a possible solution or have experienced the same problem, any help would be much appreciated!

EDIT: I figured some of it out. I realized it only happens when I have my phone charging with the new charger I bought (from Verizon). That charger is just one of the regular chargers (aka not the one that comes with the Droid). So to test it out some more, I plugged in my phone to my computer via USB and it charged without having any of the keyboard issues. I then tried another AC charger I have and no problems there either. So I'm just going to bring the charger back, show them what's happening, have them give me a new one and before I leave the store, TEST it to make sure it doesn't cause the same problem. Considering it's the power coming into the phone, I'm rather concerned about charging with this charger (therefore I won't lol).
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