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Originally Posted by billybroadsword View Post
Tried this and factory reset, lag is slightly better but... nothing like the difference that operating without the sd card makes. The phone is so much faster without it. It is just the factory one which came with the phone. Micro sd 2gb, not sure which class.
Which card should I get for optimum performance? Unlike my misses, I'm not that bothered about size. Does size matter or is class the overriding factor?
Bigger will take a bit longer to check on power on ... Class 2,4, and 6 are available.. you may or may not notice some difference between classes ... (except for taking Pics or writing data ) as the Class only applies to write speed and not read speed ...

I just changed from a class 4 to 6 ... I have about 300 apps .. and use Apps2SD ... on my rooted phone .... I did NOT notice any great change .. nor did I expect that much ... except for pics, video ...

So the price is down over the past year ... and a class 6 8GB is under $20 at like egghead ... so Your Choice ...
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