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Engadget just posted their review of the LTEvo, based on their test drive with the device in New Orleans. You can read it here:

HTC EVO 4G LTE for Sprint review -- Engadget

Overall they really liked it, but I have a few quibbles with the review. One, they make a big stink about the phone not being a world phone (i.e., no GSM radios). Seriously? Having dual radios is a feature, not a requirement. It's a CDMA phone, you accept that it won't run on a GSM network unless it's a phone like the Moto Photon, which was specifically advertised as a world phone. Good lord. I wonder if they complained as heavily about the CDMA iPhone not being a world phone?

Two, for some reason they're annoyed that the LTE SIM is integrated into the phone and not user accessible. Is this really a big deal? Last I knew, the various carriers in the US do not operate compatible LTE networks. Will people be able to buy a Verizon phone and slap a Sprint LTE SIM in it (or vise versa)? I'm guessing not, so who cares if the user can't get to the SIM? That's like complaining that the radios are non-user accessible. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this, and this really is a big deal for some reason, I'd like to know).
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