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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
I would highly recommend copying any folders (onto a cpu drive) that are currently on the SD that you know for sure won't have negative impact on the LTEvo. My standard recommendation is copying media folders (e.g. Pictures, Ringtones, Music, Video, etc.). There are some app backups that I keep as well because the backup is not specific to the phone, so there shouldn't be any problem translating over to the new phone. There are other apps where, it may be using components on the old phone that won't translate nicely to the new phone, so I leave those out.

Once all the folders are copied, I'd delete everything on the microSD, prior to using it with the LTEvo. When you get the LTEvo, there shouldn't be any problem just inserting the microSD. First order of business, after inserting the blank microSD is to format the microSD (while in the phone). I've found recently that this seems more reliable than formatting in a PC or CPU. Once the microSD is formatted in your LTEvo, you can connect it to the PC and copy/paste the folders that you had saved from your old phone.

To me, that's the safest way to ensure that everything will work properly without any issue.
Right on.
I've posted this tip many number of times, sorry for those getting the re-run.

After a back up, Rather than use the phone to format an SD card I prefer to format my MicroSD cards using this nifty computer utility and a USB reader:

It is created distributed by the SD Card Association, is super simple, and It does a really complete job. Full Overwrite is awesome.
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