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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
The main thing is to avoid wrong formatting for an sd card as has existed on some revisions of Windows.
Yeah it is a good way to ruin an otherwise good card.
De-fragmenting with a PC is not recommended, it can use up a number of write cycles.

Not 100% sure, but my memory is that the phone's built in formatting conveniently creates the folders that HTC and Android are expecting.
Unless it tells you a format is necessary, when you put the card into the phone it automatically checks for and adds those files no matter what. It is like a fail safe.

I suspect that unless you have a need for deep formatting (with a wipe), as may happen with an older card, then the phone format is fine.

SD cards have a limited number of write cycles before they go wonky. Deep formatting or wiping reduces that big number by a little bit.
When you say big number, you mean BIG number. Depending on the type of flash memory it is, it can be in the hundreds of thousands of write cycles these days. Also of note newer cards have circuitry built in to try to prevent wear and encourage wear-leveling across the volume.
We probably do more 'damage' leaving our MicroSD cards in the phone 24/7. The system/applications could be reading and writing to it silently at an alarming rate.

So personally, I stick with phone formatting wherever possible.
Jolly good advice Chap
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