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Originally Posted by thornev View Post
Scotty, I'm confused. You say I'm locked now even though I was unlocked when I was S-on?
that is correct,sir. one of the benefits of becoming s-off is that they worked turning the "lock status flag" back to locked,for warranty purposes. if you were to flash a stock hboot,youd find it to say locked,not unlocked or relocked.

if you care about this,do not re-unlock. just like s-on,you cant get back to locked- only relocked(unless you turn s-on,and then s-off again )

Originally Posted by thornev View Post
And if so, I need to install the JuopunutBear hboot for GB in order to "simulate" being unlocked? I assume I would get that here: HBOOT Downloads | Unlimited.IO Or do I install the ICS HBOOT since I want to go to ICS (per the next paragraph)?
if control bear did not install the jpbear hboot as part of the process,then yes,youll need to install it. or if you decide to upgrade your firmware,youll need to install it.

or,as i said,you can install a recovery as a PH98IMG file. its ultimately up to you and youre comfort level,wether youd rather install a new hboot to use familiar commands,or if youd rather just adapt your procedures so you can leave hboot alone.

personally,i dont have any factory warranty. so i just re-unlocked mine.i could care less if im relocked vs locked. the nice thing about this,is as i mentioned,the locked status doesnt change. since you no longer need to relock to run ruus,when i flash something that changes hboot,its just automatically unlocked. no matter what hboot i run,ir will be unlocked until i intentionally relock it. i just wanted to be clear about the situation,as alot of folks re-unlocked thinking they could get back to locked,wich is not the case. i dont know your feelings or situation,but to alot of folks,their hboot screen displaying locked is a huge deal.

Originally Posted by thornev View Post
I want to install CleanROM 4.5 which requires the ROM zip file as well as the GB Firmware patch since I'm currently on GB. The process, I read, for that is to install the ROM immediately followed by the patch and then reboot.
thats one way to skin the cat. i personally would just upgrade your firmware since youre s-off,and can always go back to GB firmware if you want to. you could either run the whole RUU,or you could install just the firmware,available from this thread: [HBOOT] Gingerbread and ICS Hboot/radio combos - xda-developers

DOWNLOAD 5/7 ICS LEAK stock 2.25 hboot:
MD5: 30A9B40B3AACF63C115A421B2856D655

is what youd want to use. just make sure to double check that md5,since the download contains a new hboot.
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