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Originally Posted by Dotuletz2 View Post
New mothod of rooting HTC WildFire (buzz) - credits go out to androidybloidy from xda.
Full topic over to xda: Rooting HTC Wildfire (BUZZ) 2.2.1 with HBOOT 1.01.0002 !! FULL GUIDE (28/6/2011) - xda-developers (sorry for copy/paste, but i really don't have the time and i wanted to save the thread somewhere else besides xda)

S-OFFing the Device

Downgrade to HTC Froyo WWE for AlphaRevX (HBOOT 1.01.0001)
You can't s-off HBOOT 1.01.0002 !
Therefore, downgrading the HBOOT to 1.01.0001 is must for the meantime, to get an efficient S-OFF.
So, here’s a small package to help you do this.
click here.

Extract this package somewhere you can find it, like your “Desktop” for example.

Step 1: run step1.bat from the package. This will downgrade your MISC partition to allow for the RUU downgrade.

At the end, GoldCardTool will start up, to allow you to create a goldcard which you will need before starting Step 2.

How to deal with Gold-Card Tool:
1. Switch off your phone, remove your microSD card.
2. Insert the microSD card into your card reader, connect it to your computer and format the card to FAT32 file system.
3. Insert the card into your HTC Wildfire and power it on.
4. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your phone in Menu > Settings > Applications > Development.
5. Connect the phone to your computer via USB and set the mode to charge only.
6. Launch Gold-Card Tool on your computer and click ‘GetCID’.
7. Copy the CID code from the text box and click the link shown below that text box to open it in your browser window.
8. In the browser window, enter all the details required and submit that form.
9. You should now get an email from PSAS in a few minutes. Open it and download the ‘GoldCard.img’ attachment.
10. Now set your phone’s USB mode to Mass Storage.
11. In Gold-Card Tool, click ‘Refresh’.
12. Select your mounted SD card from the drop-down menu saying “HTC MMC:”
13. Click ‘Load Goldcard.img’ and select the file downloaded in Step 11.
14. Click ‘Patch MMC’ and your Gold Card will be created. You may exit Gold Card Tool once done.

After you've made the goldcard, and patched it, continue with step 2.

Step 2: run step2.bat from the package. This will downgrade your ROM version to HTC WWE Froyo for Wildfire (unbranded).
If you get a Customer ID error while doing this, your goldcard is not working!
Create a new goldcard and re-run step2.


* Steps:
1st You need to get to: to download the tool, and to get your “beta key” which you’ll get in a pop-up window in the same download page after you click the download link for (windows version).
The “beta key” is a must; the tool won’t work without it!
You’ll be asked to provide your phone “serial no.”, typically it should be something like HTXXETDXXXXX, and you can get it from:
Settings --> about phone --> phone identity.

Now, do the following:
1. Run latest version of HTC Sync on your PC and connect phone in HTC Sync mode and sync all your files. Remove HTC Sync and not the drivers.
2. Reboot phone.
3. Settings->Applications->Development->Check “USB Debugging”.
4. Run AlphaRevX and connect phone to PC in “Charge Only mode”.
5. AlphaRevX should recognize your phone and show your Device Serial number.
7. Type out the “key” in the AlphaRevX software, keeping in mind the upper and lower case letters and press enter (you can copy / paste the key).
8. AlphaRevX should start doing its job and you’ll get S-OFF in less than 90 seconds.
9. If it takes longer, just wait for the 15 minutes mark, if nothing, then reboot phone and retry.
(Some members got S-OFF after multiple tries)

Rooting the device:
Step 1 - Installing the USB drivers
Download USB drivers (here) and extract them on desktop. Turn off your wildfire and boot into HBOOT by holding the VOLUME DOWN + POWER button. Connect your phone to your PC and it will show "drivers installing" or similar there for Android device. When prompted, install the drivers by going to device manager and browsing to the folder where you extracted the drivers. Once installed, disconnect and reboot your phone normally.
Now you need to install the “Android bootloader interface”.
Connect your HTC wildfire to the PC and it will ask for drivers again, now go to device manager, click on unknown device “other devices”.
Click on update driver -> install from specific location -> No i will choose to install -> choose Android phone and click on “adb interface” -> click next -> when asked to install click on continue anyway, just install them.
Once done you will see your phone recognized as "Android bootloader interface".
Now disconnect your phone and go into:
Settings -> applications - > development - > enable USB Debugging.

Step 2 - Downgrading from Android 2.2.1 Froyo to Android 2.1 Éclair
Download the RUU rom (here) which is an original stock rom. Plug your phone into the PC and set it to "Charge through USB". Double click RUU rom .exe
Follow the on screen instructions and then let it install. Your phone will reboot into stock HTC 2.1
This will be the last time you will be seeing it though.

A little extra here by me
: if you download that RUU and notice after you've completed this step your touch doesn't work, don't panic. Just get a different RUU and flash again. I can't remember if i used RUU_Buzz_hTC_Asia_India_1.25.720.1_Radio_13.45.55. 24_3.35.15.31_release_142213_signed or RUU_Buzz_hTC_Asia_WWE_1.25.707.1_Radio_13.45.55.24 _3.35.15.31_release_142190_signed
but you can find more over at Shipped ROMs

Step 3 - Gaining root using Unrevoked, get ClockworkMod and set your phone free
Download the test version of unrevoked (here). Let me repeat, DO NOT USE UNREVOKED 3.32 as it will lead to CID errors or to be precise this error
"Validation error, backup CID is missing"
This may be caused as the 3.32 does not support the HBOOT. Hence you need specific test version of Unrevoked 3.2 to do the job. Download it, save it on desktop, and run it. Now connect your phone and the rooting will start. Once done, you will have ClockworkMod recovery installed on your phone.
Reboot your phone now (using the VOLUME UP/DOWN key for navigation and clicking using TRACKBALL, the POWER button takes you back in menus). Once rebooted, you will see the “Superuser” app in your phone and.... done.
Now you can download and flash cm-7 or whatever.

Yet again, i do not provide support for this, for support please go to xda thread Rooting HTC Wildfire (BUZZ) 2.2.1 with HBOOT 1.01.0002 !! FULL GUIDE (28/6/2011) - xda-developers
How long the step 2 process will take?
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