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Originally Posted by CirkDroid View Post
Most importantly.........just don't worry about the performance issues. The phone is fast, crazy fast, especially for how affordable it is. It's a beast.

As for battery life, it's really simple. The only things that really make a SIGNIFICANT effect on your battery life is how big the screen is, how bright you have the screen set for, how often the phone is sending or receiving wifi/mobile data, and how often it is vibrating.

For phones in this screen size, don't expect to be able to watch the first season of Battlestar Galactica on a single charge and you'll be fine.
Thank you very much for that explanation; it was very helpful.

The Blaze arrived yesterday, so I spent some time trying to learn my way around and get things set up. I found that Touchwiz does allow me to dump things into a folder in the Applications list, so that helps me not have to scroll through stuff I'll never use every time I'm looking for something.

I've reduced the number of home screens to two, for the things I expect to use a lot.

Concerning screen brightness, I bought an app called Lux that claims to be better than the stock OS at regulating that. I find that if I set brightness to "Auto", it tends to make the screen brighter than it needs to be when indoors. Lux lets me set it the way I want it.

As for vibration, I don't like all that so it's all turned off, except of course in "silent mode".

Also, I think I have everything except weather and email set to manual update. I don't need to have Facebook and Twitter refreshing in the backbground; same with RSS feeds.

So we'll see how the battery holds up. I know better (now) than to make any judgments for a week or so. I'll be doing a lot of fiddling for a while, which uses more battery, and in any case batteries seem to have a "break-in" period. I don't understand it but I've seen it enough times to believe it.

Anyway, so far, so good. My Swype text entry is reasonably fast and accurate, considering I'm just getting used to it again. Swype itself seems improved from the last time I tried it.

I'm keeping GPS turned off, for the time being. On my BB I keep it turned on, because it doesn't do anything unless an app actually needs it. But in Android I'm not so sure.
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