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Originally Posted by Soundteq View Post
I wasn't referring to sound issues unfortunately. I can't play the game at all. The game loads and you play for a couple minutes and then when you reach a certain point the game just resets. I've tried different copies of the roms and the same thing happens with each one.
I haven't tested it extensively but the latest version of VGBA seems to work pretty well with The Lost Age. It's slower than Gameboid (meaning you'll have to make do with some frameskipping) and the sound is a bit scratchy, but i haven't gotten a crash just yet (only played for a couple of minutes so far, not long enough to find out whether there's any crashes). Unlike most versions of Gameboid, the sound isn't playing at the wrong pitch, as long as you set the sound quality to the highest in the advanced options menu (and set the sound latency to 100ms). It might run better depending on your phone. I've an older single core Samsung Fascinate and it's slow without frameskipping on.

This emulator costs money however, so know what you're getting into. It's being constantly updated though, unlike Gameboid which seems dead. Just a few versions ago, VGBA had the same sound pitch problems in GS2 as most Gameboid versions. Or you can wait and see how Robert Broglia's GBA emulator turns out if he ever gets to it.
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