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Originally Posted by Tommydaniel View Post
Both complaints are because the phone was reviewed by Myriam, who thinks CDMA networks are the scum of the earth.
It also explains all the squee'ing over the two-step camera button, since Myriam loves her some phone camera action. I remember her Evo 3D review, where she spent almost half the column space lambasting the 3vo for its camera (and said practically nothing about call quality).

Re: Verge's review. I'm surprised about the battery life comment, since that was one thing Engadget seemed satisfied with (more or less). I also recall all the kvetching about the original Evo's battery at release though, and I never had much problem with it once I tweaked a few settings. Maybe the Verge reviewer just had bad cell signal strength (which on CDMA will murder your battery life, in my experience). Long story short, I'm not concerned about bad battery. Yet.
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