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Well, I am sitting here (procrastinating (its what this introvert does)) getting ready to backup a few documents that I have on my 13" macbook pro then to gather the information and tools I need to restore this puppy to factory settings. Its getting a new home.

The 13" is just not enough for me. My desktop is in the way and having issues so I decided to change things up and get the computer I should have got in the first place. But, this little 13" MBP was just an experiment. It has almost replaced my desktop, but I need more power for some things like photo and HD video editing. So I pulled the trigger on the 13" bigger brother. The 15" base model MBP. I decided the high end 15" was overkill and I could use the 400 bucks on a new external drive and some ram which will help with the photo and video editing.

This little 13" MBP I am typing on now, well, Im going to give it to my mom for mothers day

The 15" MBP will likely, for the most part, replace my desktop. 2.2ghz vs 2.8 I am running now. 600mhz difference and a newer CPU. I may dual boot with windows 7 and heck, I may even be able to use the 64 bit version.

I think I will use an external firewire dock and stash most of my data on those and leave the internal drive for the programs and OS.

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