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Originally Posted by BabyBlues View Post
TiBu don't ever do system data. Its a surefire way to get frustrated. I always backup user apps and data. Some people just do the apps. You have to see which works best for you. I have a schedule set in TiBu that does my apps, then any new apps and another for any changes I've made to any. I only tell you those so you have am idea of what it can do. Once Liquid is flashed and up then you can go into TiBu and restore user apps and data or just user apps. Some people occasionally have problems restoring data. I haven't run into that yet.
Titanium does my backups daily at 3am. I always do user apps and data without any issues when I switch ROMs (I usually have 100+ apps that I have installed). The only system app I ever do is CarHome, but I always recommend that you never do any system apps unless you are willing to break things and have to fix it.
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