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This appears to be a serious issue: [ROM] UNOFFICIAL CM9 Nightly Builds - HP Touchpad Android Development - RootzWiki - Page 139

Originally Posted by Nevertells
I have posted the following in other threads and forums. I'm posting it here to get the widest dissimination.

This has been discussed in several different forums and threads at great length. I can't say that this is the perfect solution to every issue, but I have put 2+2 together and found that what I am about to describe is repeatable.

DO NOT turn your TouchPad off and then plug it in to charge! Here is what will most likely happen, plugging it will start it back up and unless you have Moboot set to boot to WebOS, your TP will boot into CM9 and will not charge. I have tested this many times on mine and several friends TP's and it happens every time. If you need to charge your TP while in Android, leave it on, plug it in and tap the power button to put it to sleep. You might want to turn off wifi to allow your TP to charge faster.

I can't speak to any other rom or kernel other than CM9. If you are running AOKP or Bricked, CN or CherryKang, you might want to test this and report back what you find.

Hopefully the CM team will resolve this, but until then, if you want to avoid at least one cause of charging issues, heed this warning.
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