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Originally Posted by KenjiSpencer View Post
When my new Evo 4G LTE shows up, I'd like to make it a "clone" of the Evo 4G I currently own. I assume that my new phone will automatically download my contacts from Google (is that true?), but is there a way to make my new phone automatically download all of the apps I've downloaded onto my current one? And can I just remove the SD card from my current phone and put the card into my new phone to transfer all of my pictures and other media? Thanks in advance.
You can also try Mybackup Pro or Titanium backup (I have both and personally I am much more fond of Mybackup since it has all the same features but it's more user friendly). The benefit of this is that you will be able to save, and reload onto you new device, older versions of various apps that you currently possess, rather than being forced to update to the most current versions.

Restoring the older versions of apps can be a good thing. Personally, my motto is that I will never update an app unless (1) Something is currently wrong with it, or (2) The new version has a new feature that I MUST have. So as a result, more than half of my Evo's apps have updates available... but I've been burned too many times in the past by bad updates (as in, the update either made performance worse, or added ads to a free app that previously did not exist, or the dev removed significant features due to copyright infringement/C&D orders).

Just remember that if you go this route, and if you currently have a rooted device, you need to use the backup option for "APKs Only" and NOT "APKs+Data," otherwise it will fail to restore on your new unrooted LTEvo.
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