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Originally Posted by KenjiSpencer View Post
I know that this is how it works if you replace a phone with another phone of the same model (like if you lost your original phone), but is this also how it works if you change the model of your phone? I ask because a friend of mine recently switched from a Motorola Droid to an HTC Thunderbolt and Verizon told him that he had to download all of the apps to his new Thunderbolt manually because Google keeps a separate list of apps for each phone you have (which makes sense if you think about the possibility of having multiple phones). Thanks for your reply in any case.
my understanding is that it's like email and is password specific. when ur in the play store you're in by means of your google password, so as long as you're using the same password/account on the new model phone, it should sync your apps accordingly. it's more of a cloud feature. it makes more sense to me this way based on using one set of credentials, which means it wouldn't matter if done on different models. I very well could be wrong, but this is how I understand it to work
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